How to Propose a Project

WSU students, individually or in groups, may propose a service-learning project to conduct during one or more semesters. To receive credit for a service project, you must:

  1. Identify a full-time faculty member to work with you on a directed study in a specific disciplinary area. The faculty member must approve the project, agree to assign appropriate reading and writing assignments around the project, and meet with you periodically during the time in which you are conducting the project. You and the faculty member will determine together how many credit hours (typically between 1 and 4) your project and related assignments will merit.
  2. Complete the Service-Learning Project Proposal form and take it to your first meeting with the faculty member. If you do not have a faculty member in mind for the project you are proposing, CommunityEngagement@Wayne can help you find someone.
  3. Upon completion of the directed study, provide a short report of your project outcomes to the center office. Use the Final Report on Self-Initiated Service Projects form for this purpose.